Underrated Benefits of Resistance Training

Aug 2, 2022 mindpump

It’s no secret the Mind Pump philosophy is that resistance training is the “holy grail” of exercise. If you want to burn fat and build lean muscle, there is no form of exercise better than lifting weights to get the job done. Aesthetics aside, there are many less talked about benefits of strength training. These benefits have nothing to do with building a body to attract the opposite sex. Everyone wants to look good, but resistance training offers much more.This article aims to show you the benefits of resistance training go much deeper than six-pack abs and toned arms. In fact, the more you dive into the world of resistance training, you may find it’s these four benefits that keep you hooked and coming back forever.

Strength training eradicates brain fog and makes you smarter

This might surprise those who watched too many teen movies from the 90s on Netflix. It’s always the same deal in these movies. The main character gets bullied by a jacked football player who is a complete jerk and has the brain of a pea. As crazy as it sounds, many people still view weightlifters in this light. The dumb jocks who have muscles and nothing else to offer. Well, I’m here to tell you that if you ask anyone who strength trains, they’ll let you know it carries over into all aspects of their life. The improved ability to think and articulate are two big ones.

When I was a trainer, clients new to resistance training told me their ability to articulate thoughts and develop ideas improved since they started lifting weights. And personally, some of my best business ideas have come to me after a training session. It’s also interesting to note every high performer I know in my life swears by strength training. Two of my brightest, most successful friends list resistance training as their biggest daily non-negotiable in the morning. Before they do anything else, they get a lift to set them up for success the rest of the day.

It has a significant positive effect on your mood

Many studies have shown that resistance training significantly reduces depressive symptoms. Undoubtedly, a good resistance training program impacts how you carry yourself in your daily life. The sense of accomplishment you’ll feel is second to none. It gets the feel-good juices flowing. Simply put, it makes you a better person to be around. The days I’m irritable and quick to snap over little things are usually the days I didn’t train. If my wife and I start arguing over one of us chewing too loudly, it might be a good time to hit the gym and blow off some steam. I guarantee after a good training session, you’ll walk out feeling better. The so-called big problems in life seem less daunting, and you’re more prepared to tackle them head-on.


When you see someone you like in the mirror, you exude that confidence to the outer world. You bring it into important meetings, encounters with strangers, and interactions with family and friends. Resistance training changes the way people view you. It’s no secret people respect you more when you take care of yourself. Plus, walking around feeling strong makes you more equipped to protect loved ones if anything happens.

Sex drive and the urge to get it on

Nothing will get men and women revved up to have some fun in the bedroom like a well-programmed resistance training program. You can try all the hacks, herbs, and supplements in the world, but a well-programmed resistance training program reigns superior. Besides sleeping better, resistance training could be the best thing you can do to increase your libido. It always shocked newer clients when the urge ‘to do it’ came rushing back. Yeah, it’s awkward for them to mention, but you could see they’re ecstatic to feel that way again.

So there you have it, the four biggest side benefits to resistance training besides aesthetics. These four benefits of training have become more important to me than “gains” as time goes on. Most folks hit a point where other things besides having a toned body take precedent. Luckily resistance training gives you the best of both worlds.

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