Should I go to the Gym Twice a Day if I am Skinny?

Oct 1, 2021 mindpump

Going to the gym twice a day CAN be a very effective tool for putting on size. I will start off by saying this is a very advanced tool to be utilizing. If you haven’t lifted for more than a couple years, then I would probably recommend against incorporating this just yet.

Often Overused

Two a days can be an excellent tool for getting more work done. The thing I see far too often though is, an individual will do their regular one hour workout in the beginning of the day, and then do an entire second full one hour workout later in the day. This is most likely going to be way too much for the average lifter. I think skinny guys get caught up in the “if a little bit gets me these results, then increasing it will get me even MORE results”. That isn’t how working out pans out.

If you are a naturally skinny guy, and finding that you just aren’t putting on size, there are way more methods you can utilize to put on size. I’ve written a ton of articles on different ways to maximize muscle if you are skinny.

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Those are just a few of the articles I’ve written if you want additional help breaking through a plateau, or trying easier methods to put on muscle and are a hardgainer. I would highly recommend reading through those articles as well as trying any of the MAPS Programs first, before adding two workouts a day. If you are at a sticking point, usually it is just a matter of changing up the workout somehow.

Scheduling and Volume Issues

Where doing two workouts can come in handy is if you need to split up the volume. This is good for individuals who get exhausted halfway through their workout and just feel like they aren’t getting the most out of it. By splitting one workout into two, allows you to come back later in the day when you are a little more recovered and hit the exercises with heavier weights.  

Splitting your workout up is also a great tool if your schedule doesn’t allow you to be in the gym for more than 30 minutes at a time. I’ve had days where I am swamped with work and not able to get into the gym for an hour. Instead of skipping the workout altogether, I’ve found I was still able to fit in two smaller sessions when I had lulls in the day. I actually found this was super helpful from preventing me from having to stop lifting altogether.  


It really comes down to recovery. That should be your focus. Your workouts, your nutrition, everything that caters towards adding size to your frame all depends upon the rate at which you can recover. If splitting up the volume, and doing smaller sessions allows you to see better results, then two a days is perfect. If you are growing just fine on one workout in a given day, then there is no reason to add more for the sake of being “hardcore”. It will not yield better results. Remember, this is a tool mostly used by very advanced lifters, who probably have so much volume that they NEED to add a second workout in their day just to fit it all in. Their bodies have adapted to a certain stimulus to grow and need way more than the average lifter.  

Also keep in mind, if you do choose to split up your workouts, your schedule may revolve around lifting. If you have the time and desire for that, awesome. Just be aware. The number one thing I always tell my clients when taking on a new adventure is, if you can’t see yourself doing it 6 months from now, then it’s probably too big of a change. If that is the case, try changing up the program you are doing, or modifying the reps, rest, intensity of your workout and see if that breaks you through your plateau.

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