How Often Should You Weight Train Over the Age of 40?

Oct 24, 2022 mindpump

If you clicked on this article, I’m going to assume two things about you. One, you are over 40…and two, you want to continue getting in better shape despite what the clock says.

The good news is that yes it’s possible. But we have to consider certain things if we are over 40. We will discuss that in this article so you continue getting better and turn back the clock on time.

First things first…

How often you train weekly depends on a couple of factors. Everybody has different wear and tear on their body. If you’ve been lifting for over 30 years, your advice differs from someone who only started weight training at 40.

If you have never trained a day in your life, the best plan to start is a 3x per week full body plan. Start out focusing on the basics. A program like MAPS ANABOLIC is perfect for you.

If you have been lifting for a long time, there are some things you need to be aware of. Generally, not much changes with the frequency. 3 to 4 full body weight training sessions a week is probably your best bet. But there are some things you need to pay extra attention to.

You can no longer skimp on your warm-up. If you don’t take the time to increase your body temperature and do some dynamic movements before you lift, you are begging for an injury. The wear and tear as an older lifter adds up, and you can no longer jump into heavy sets ice cold. You probably don’t want to hear it but an efficient 10-15 minute dynamic before lifting has to become a non-negotiable.

Form is even more important. Form is essential at any age but takes on a new meaning as we age. The truth is you can get away with some crappy reps as a younger lifter. You may be able to arch your back on the bench press and MacGyver a rep up when you’re young. If you continue to do that as you get older, it’s only a matter of time before you injure yourself.

If you can’t get a good quality rep with complete control over the weight, you have no business doing it.

Do not go to failure. As an older lifter, never bring a set to failure. The act of doing this is incredibly taxing on the central nervous system. In other words, recovering as an older lifter will be almost impossible.

This is not an excuse to not go heavy.

We still have to push the weights, but we must maintain great form. Stop the set when you can no longer get a rep using the same form. You shouldn’t have done it if you have to do something crazy to complete the rep.

Wrapping things up, no matter your age, weight training should be a priority in your life. The over-40 crowd just needs to be a tad more careful. Hopefully, you got some value from reading this and can implement some of the stuff into your training.

MAPS ANABOLIC is an excellent full-body program for experienced and inexperienced lifters alike.

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