Getting Your Flat Tummy Back After Having A Baby

Sep 4, 2020 mindpump

It can be difficult to face the changes that your body experienced during pregnancy. It can feel like the work you did before the baby was completely lost in nine months. The reality is that pregnancy can cause some lasting changes to your body. However, you are capable of getting your flat tummy back after baby if you are willing to put in the right type of work. Before you get started, remember that your body will need some time to respond to the changes you make in your nutrition and workout program.

Give your body adequate time to respond

Before you dive into the nuts and bults of getting your flat tummy back after baby you need to make sure you have realistic expectations. Your body needs some time to respond to your efforts at weight loss and muscle building after having a baby. It would be nice to have a baby in the morning and be back to pre-pregnancy shape by the afternoon. The reality is, however, that your body needs some time to return to normal. There are still hormones running through your body in the days and weeks after giving birth that can impact how it responds to dieting and exercise. In addition, if you are nursing your calories needs are different than pre-pregnancy and must be adjusted accordingly. As you set your goals for post-pregnancy fitness, make sure you include a schedule that gives your body adequate time to respond.

Make nutrition a priority

Your nutrition is an essential element to getting your flat tummy back after baby. When you have a new baby, it can be difficult to make nutrition a priority. Who has time to meal plan and care for an infant? The reality is, however, that you will not get the results you want without putting some effort into nutrition. Fortunately, it does not have to be complicated or time consuming. A simple trick is to only keep foods in the house that fit within your nutrition plan. It is easy to choose an apple instead of potato chips when there are no chips in your pantry. Another simple tip is to fill up a container in the morning with the amount of water you want to drink for the entire day. As the water in the container dwindles you will have a visual measurement of how close you are to your water goal for the day. Check out the intuitive nutrition guide to get more in-depth information on how to improve your nutrition.

Focus on strength training

Strength training is one of the best ways to eliminate stubborn fat from your stomach. An overall strength training program will help you improve strength, build muscle, and burn fat. As you build muscle, your metabolism will begin to increase. When your metabolism increases, you naturally burn more calories – even at rest. Instead of focusing solely on working the muscles in your stomach, which are small in comparison to other areas of your body, you need to follow a resistance training program that helps you build muscle throughout your body.   

The proper mindset, along with a quality nutrition and workout plan, will help you get your flat tummy back after baby. If you are ready to find a high-quality plan for your food, the Intuitive Nutrition Guide can help you determine what eating options will fit your lifestyle and your goals. For a strength training plan, MAPS Anywhere and MAPS Starterare both great options that can help you get started toward your goal of fitness after baby.  

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