Does Strength Training Put You in a Better Mood?

Jul 5, 2024 mindpump

More and more science is proving how much better resistance training is at improving mood, cognitive function, and overall wellbeing. This goes beyond just getting stronger or looking good. Contrary to previous beliefs, there are ways that strength training can be beneficial for everybody.

Short and Long Term

In the short term, you get the immediate boost of endorphins. Some find if they lift in the morning, it keeps them energized for their work day. In the long term, however, it has been shown to improve hormones like serotonin and dopamine, which can alleviate symptoms of mild to moderate depression. It can also balance out your hormones. For men it can increase their testosterone production, and for women, it balances progesterone and estrogen levels.


Lifting on a regular basis allows you to handle stress better. As I advance in my career, and age, unfortunately, one thing that’s increased is my anxiety. I never used to be someone who got overly anxious or had anxiety attacks. That’s all changed as of recently. The only natural thing I’ve found that brings my anxiety down is getting to the gym. I think it is because I find it’s one guaranteed hour where I can shut off the front of my mind and focus just on lifting…it helps to get some aggression out too! I don’t think about work, because I have to focus on my form and moving the weight. When I finish, I find my mind is a lot clearer. Because of this I’ve now found, even if I feel like I want to keep working, I’ll go to the gym to give my mind a reset when I find my stress building up too much. I’ve found it helps me get through projects better, as well.

Better Than The Rest

Studies are now showing strength training to be superior to other forms of exercise for combating depression. One study that compared different forms of exercise showed that lifting had the most positive impact on mood. And it’s not just mood. You put muscle on your frame, which will help prevent injury. You build stronger bones, which will help quality of life as you get older. And you improve posture, which will help you age more gracefully and allow you to look and feel younger than the person who just runs all day and beats up their joints.

Building Good Habits

At the end of the day, it’s about building sustainable, good habits. The term “if you don’t use it, you lose it” really holds true. Look at adults as they retire. They aren’t working anymore so they aren’t stimulating their minds. They lose their routine because of a lack of work schedule, and often stop working out. You end up seeing these hunched-over, chronically-ill individuals who are in pain when they walk simply because they stopped keeping up with their healthy habits. It doesn’t take much. Two to three days of full body strength training with two days of jogging at a light intensity is all you need to keep that balance in your life.

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