5 Things You Have To Do If You Want A 6-Pack

Jul 4, 2018 mindpump

#1: Diet.

The biggest key.

Your abs are uncovered in the kitchen (or wherever you prefer to eat I guess. The saying should be “dining room”.) If you can’t see your abs right now, it’s not because they’re literally not there. It’s not that you’re not doing enough ab work. It’s because there’s a layer of fat hiding ‘em.

To lose body fat, you need to be eating fewer calories than you’re burning in a day. Simple stuff.

To learn how to set up your deficit, go here:https://www.bairfit.com/single-post/2018/01/10/How-Do-I-Get-ROCK-HARD-ABS

#2: Resistance Train.

So you have some body fat to lose. Wanna make it way easier on yourself? Of course you do. Lift some weights.

Building muscle speeds up your metabolism. The quicker your metabolism is, the easier it will be to shed body fat and uncover those abs.

It’s easy to get caught up in doing strictly cardio to burn as many calories as possible. But cardio isn’t going to have the same effect on your metabolism as resistance training.

Resistance train at least 3 times per week.

#3: Train your abs for thickness

So the biggest key to getting your abs to show is diet. But, you can also switch up how you train your abs to get ‘em to show a bit sooner.

The larger/thicker your ab muscles are, the easier they’ll be to see at higher body fat percentages.

The key to building thick abs? Train ‘em like any other muscle. Don’t do hundred of reps of body weight crunches.

Instead, do slow, controlled reps. Feel the muscle working. Squeeze your abs as hard as possible at the top of every rep. Add resistance to your ab exercises. For the most part, stay in the 8-20 rep range.

#4: Move.

As you diet down to visible ab level body fat percentages, your body has a few tricks up its sleeve to hold onto that stubborn fat. One oft overlooked trick: without being aware of it, you’ll move less to preserve calories.

To counteract this, focusing on moving more throughout your day is key. Set a daily step goal. 10,000 steps per day is a good target.

#5: Be consistent and patient

All this takes time. Focus on being on point with your diet, workouts and movement, one day at a time.

Every time you get frustrated and quit, you’re getting further from abs.

Every time you string together a few consistent days, you’re getting closer. Trust the process and be patient.

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