2030: Mind Pump Trainer Highlight- Braydon Barrett

Mar 12, 2023
2030: Mind Pump Trainer Highlight- Braydon Barrett

In this episode Sal, Adam & Justin speak with trainer Braydon Barrett of Look Like You Lift.

  • His background and how he got into the fitness space. (3:53)

  • How he social media as a tool for educating. (5:30)

  • You MUST coach in person if you want to be successful. (6:55)

  • Why he is NOT a fan of the big box gym model. (9:36)

  • Approaching everything in life with a scientific plan of attack. (11:17)

  • Concept. Literature. Application. (13:24)

  • Biggest misconceptions heard from his clients. (15:38)

  • Using the foundation of powerlifting to his benefit. (20:40)

  • Why strength is the MOST physical attribute that you can improve. (28:56)

  • How strength contributes to mobility. (31:45)

  • Debunking the myth that high-protein drives cancer. (35:19)

  • His journey as an entrepreneur. (39:15)

  • Biggest weakness and challenges in his business. (43:38)

  • The new wave of ‘fitness influencers’ on TikTok. (50:45)

  • The value of creating free content to grow your community. (56:03)

  • The negativity of TikTok. (1:03:22)

  • Raising a child in this digital world. (1:06:30)

  • Invaluable lessons through farm work. (1:15:34)

  • His take on fitness being politized. (1:17:48)

  • What does his coaching onboarding look like? (1:19:25)

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