1382: Why Everyone Should Squat

Sep 17, 2020
1382: Why Everyone Should Squat

In this episode, Sal, Adam & Justin go into five reasons everyone should squat.

  • Mind Pump’s motivation behind why everyone should squat. (2:45)
  • The common reasons why people don’t squat. (6:26)
  • The benefits of fundamental human movements. (12:18)
  • The bodybuilder mentality. (15:30)
  • Why a beginner should squat. The importance of laying the foundation first. (19:57)
  • The best exercise for overall strength. (27:10)
  • The importance of hip-hinging. (35:34)
  • How squatting speeds up the metabolism and promotes fat loss. (37:13)
  • Emphasizing on practicing the skill and the mobility factor. (39:20)
  • Pro or Con: The popular exercises people replace the squat with. (42:56)

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