1932: Lifting Heavy Vs. Lifting Light

Oct 27, 2022
1932: Lifting Heavy Vs. Lifting Light

In this episode Sal, Adam & Justin cover the pros and cons of lifting heavy vs. lifting light.

  • There are two main ways to strength train. The first one is to make heavy weights feel light. The second is to make light weights feel heavy. (1:40)
  • Which avatar benefits more from switching lifting methods, the bodybuilder or the powerlifter? (4:12)
  • The mentality MATTERS most! (10:04)


  • The Focus, Pros, and Cons of Lifting Heavy Vs. Lifting Light.


  • Lifting Heavy: Maximizes efficiency, focuses on movement, and doesn’t focus on “feeling” the muscle. (13:40)
    • Focus: Psyching up, and perfecting the smooth movement. (16:55)
    • Pros: Great for overall muscle, real-world applicable strength, and builds a solid body. (19:12)
    • Cons: Higher injury risk, feeds the ego, and it’s hard to bring up lagging body parts. (25:50)
  • Lifting Light: Maximizes inefficiency, focuses on the target muscle, and it’s all about the “feel.” (30:08)
    • Focus: Calm collected, and visualizes the target muscle. (35:08)
    • Pros: Brings up target body parts, and lowers injury risk. (41:25)
    • Cons: Doesn’t build as much total muscle, and strength is less applicable to the real-world. (44:52)

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