1765: Bodybuilding Vs. Powerlifting With Ben Pollack

Mar 07, 2022
1765: Bodybuilding Vs. Powerlifting With Ben Pollack

In this episode Sal, Adam & Justin speak with powerlifter turned bodybuilder, Ben Pollack about the differences between the two sports.

  • Why did he switch from powerlifting to the sport of bodybuilding? (2:47)
  • What was the attraction to bodybuilding? (5:37)
  • Bodybuilding is objective, right? (6:24)
  • The mental challenge of switching focus in training. (8:42)
  • The differences in the physique between the two lifters. (16:36)
  • Did he feel he had a head start switching sports? (22:32)
  • Do the stereotypes hold for bodybuilders? (24:32)
  • Why MOST bodybuilders should be deadlifting. (27:06)
  • What exercises, from bodybuilding, will he continue to incorporate into his training? (29:46)
  • The contrast in nutrition transitioning from powerlifting to bodybuilding. (33:27)
  • What did his PRs look like at his lowest and highest weight? (40:44)
  • Why he loves the Smith Machine for chest work. (42:00)
  • What can powerlifters learn from bodybuilders and vice versa? (44:21)
  • The differences in drug use between the two sports. (46:20)
  • Does he have any favorite anabolics? Least favorites? (51:14)
  • The importance of monitoring your health. (54:35)
  • Has the weight gain affected his sleep? (56:31)
  • Has this change made an impact on his business? Any hate? (59:49)
  • Which training style would be more conducive for longevity? (1:01:13)
  • What does the future look like for Ben? (1:06:19)
  • Becoming more open-minded, the benefits of sled training, and isometrics. (1:08:04)

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