1875: Tainted Science With Max Lugavere

Aug 08, 2022
1875: Tainted Science With Max Lugavere

In this episode Sal, Adam & Justin speak to Max Lugavere about what happens when scientists are motivated by outcomes other than finding the truth.

  • When the science-bound model goes wrong. (2:28)
  • Science advances one funeral at a time. (12:28)
  • Why you shouldn’t take everything the Western blot publishes as fact. (15:11)
  • Why is there resistance to acknowledging that we can potentially prevent Alzheimer’s Disease? (22:50)
  • Why this documentary project engenders why Max does what he does. (29:32)
  • How the brain is very complex. (31:18)
  • Turning the serotonin model for depression on its head. (34:31)
  • How do studies get funded, and how can we eliminate these conflicts of interest? (43:05)
  • Nutrition studies, a house of cards. (48:21)
  • When diets become politicized. (50:43)
  • Be evidence-based, but NOT evidence-bound. (57:01)
  • Understanding the BIG picture and sifting through the noise. (1:02:43)
  • Little Empty Boxes. (1:09:53)

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