1777: Cooking Oils That Can Make You Sick With Max Lugavere

Mar 24, 2022
1777: Cooking Oils That Can Make You Sick With Max Lugavere

In this episode Sal, Adam & Justin speak with Max Lugavere about the potential detrimental health effects of highly processed vegetable oils and his new cookbook, Genius Kitchen.

  • Is canola oil really that bad for your body? (2:51)
  • How damaged fat damages you. (5:53)
  • In a context of a calorie surplus, how much does this conversation change? (11:18)
  • How the dose makes the poison. (15:45)
  • What are the best oils to cook at high temperatures? (26:47)
  • How our policies have made our diets worse. (28:41)
  • Genius Kitchen: Fighting fire with fire. (31:28)
  • The misconception that healthy food doesn’t taste good. (37:20)
  • Why does Max choose to avoid artificial sweeteners? (41:00)
  • Some of Max’s favorite recipes from the book. (45:03)
  • Don’t let perfect be the enemy of good. (47:24)
  • Selling the benefits and value of organ meats. (49:47)
  • The importance of being evidence-based and not evidence-bound. (55:45)
  • What does Max supplement with? (1:01:14)
  • The health benefits of eating at home. (1:08:10)
  • Connecting the signals how food makes you feel after you eat it. (1:11:59)
  • More valuable gems from Max’s new book. (1:14:50)

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