1857: Are Squats Overrated?: A Debate With Eugene Teo

Jul 14, 2022
1857: Are Squats Overrated?: A Debate With Eugene Teo

In this episode Sal, Adam & Justin speak with Eugene Teo.

  • Why he takes issue with the emphasis on the barbell back squat. (2:28)
  • How people have a hard time separating their emotions from logical reason. (5:47)
  • Individual variance matters! (10:07)
  • Are split stance exercises superior to bilateral lower body exercises? (13:49)
  • Functional versus hypertrophy. What does he lead towards? (17:06)
  • Understanding there are so many different paths people can go on when it comes to training. (19:31)
  • The difficulty of catering to your audience on social media. (24:31)
  • When is anecdote valuable? (31:16)
  • The problems with being science-based versus science-bound. (35:46)
  • Addressing his post on correctional exercise and being a waste of time. (41:11)
  • Is a deadlift a good back hypertrophy exercise? (59:17)
  • The systemic effects of novelty. (1:02:48)
  • The most underrated training style. (1:12:45)
  • Biggest training paradigm-shattering moments. (1:14:47)
  • Favorite forms of conditioning. (1:18:09)
  • Is he pro-full-body or body-part split? (1:24:37)
  • What currently makes him roll his eyes in the fitness space? (1:26:44)
  • Paralysis by analysis and podcasting. (1:28:39)
  • What is his main source of business? (1:35:53)
  • Will Mind Pump visit Australia? (1:37:38)
  • Who are his favorite fitness influencers in Australia? (1:39:57)
  • Women CAN lift! (1:42:14)

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