1432: How to Be a Strong Woman With Helen Lin

Nov 26, 2020
1432: How to Be a Strong Woman With Helen Lin

In this episode, Sal, Adam & Justin speak with contest winner Helen Lin.

  • How long has she listened to the show? (3:00)
  • Her fascinating background and introduction to health and fitness. (4:00)
  • When did she notice the benefits of fitness? (10:06)
  • The crazy world of ice swimming. (12:37)
  • The driving force of wanting to stand out. (14:00)
  • When did she discover strength training? (19:06)
  • Why she doesn’t do things for fun, but competition. (23:02)
  • The level of strength stamina required for rock climbers. (25:18)
  • What are some of her favorite climbs? (27:34)
  • Her path to American Ninja Warrior. (28:30)
  • When did she get into Olympic lifting? (33:00)
  • The pivotal moments in her nutrition journey. (36:26)
  • The commonalities between the Mind Pump method and her own. (39:22)
  • The value of Organifi’s products. (41:16)
  • Protein, the magical macronutrient. (42:43)
  • Her experience with in-home training. (44:55)
  • Creating that cultural shift to the benefits of resistance training. (46:41)
  • What does she do to let loose? (51:02)

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