BONUS: Matthew Januszek of Escape Fitness

Nov 26, 2019
BONUS: Matthew Januszek of Escape Fitness

In this episode, Sal, Adam and Justin speak with Matthew Januszek, entrepreneur and founder of Escape Fitness.

  • His take on the new 49ers Fit gym? (3:25)
  • From roller-skates to bodybuilding: His introduction into fitness. (4:24)
  • Where did the idea for the gym equipment company come from? (6:50)
  • What did the process of scaling look like? (11:57)
  • How his passion for fitness fueled the company’s early mishaps. (13:35)
  • When where they able to service outside the UK? (17:22)
  • The moment he knew it was time to quit his day job and go all in. (18:06)
  • Why success is not a straight line. (20:00)
  • What attributes have served him the most? (21:54)
  • The crucial things that have contributed to his success. (23:43)
  • What practices does he put in place to forge quality relationships? (26:15)
  • Their evolution of marketing and advertising. (29:20)
  • The differences between the US and European markets/trends. (33:13)
  • His take on moving the gym experience to the home setting. (37:56)
  • What separates his company from the rest? (40:02)
  • How there are always ways to innovate and grow. (46:26)
  • Is there any new equipment that is getting him excited? (49:10)
  • Why there is no shortage of great ideas. (51:14)
  • Where does he focus most of his energy? (52:56)
  • What does he find challenging about working with family? (55:26)
  • How every level that you get to there are new lessons to be learned. (59:15)
  • Will he ever sell the company? (1:01:54)

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