985: Mark Mastrov- Fitness Industry Empire Builder, NBA Owner & Original Mind Pump Mentor

Mar 11, 2019
985: Mark Mastrov- Fitness Industry Empire Builder, NBA Owner & Original Mind Pump Mentor

Mark Mastrov is back in the Mind Pump Media studios to speak with Sal, Adam and Justin about his large scale projects in fitness, the NBA and Esports and the business philosophy that has led to his massive success.

  • The fallout and response from their first podcast. (4:18)
  • Does he think there will be a time when 24 Hour Fitness reaches back out to him to collaborate again? (6:02)
  • What is the biggest challenge for running a big box gym today vs. 20 years ago? (7:09)
  • Does he believe part of the formula for retaining members is by getting them into a nutrition program within the first 30 days? (9:42)
  • Is a lot of the growth coming from ‘boutique’ gyms? (11:22)
  • Why the key to the game is the referral network. (13:15)
  • What is it that the gyms with the most usage do differently than others? (14:54)
  • How big of a role do the sales or training staff play in terms of the success of the gym? (18:45)
  • What makes him stay away from buying up Orangetheory’s or a region/area? (20:50)
  • Where does he see the most exciting growth right now? (22:34)
  • What does he think about the rise and decline of the US market for CrossFit? (25:12)
  • What is the US doing wrong when it comes to being healthy? (26:42)
  • His take on the rise of Esports and playing into the lack of activity. (29:50)
  • What is his stake in the Esports market? How does he monetize it? Make a profit as an owner? (32:15)
  • His take on ‘court vision’ and fans getting the in-game experience from the comfort of their own home. (36:04)
  • What does it take to give him a business ‘boner’ today? (39:40)
  • What percentages of memberships are being sold online now vs. in person? (43:15)
  • His take on new media vs. old media marketing. (44:30)
  • Does he see any current trends with gym equipment? (46:29)
  • The controversy over a viral ‘alien’ billboard that said “when they come they will eat the fat ones first.” (47:57)
  • What are some of the most successful campaigns that he has run? (51:06)
  • Is there anybody in the fitness/gym industry that he just loved to just fuck with? (55:33)
  • Are there any other CEO’s that impress him by the way they operate? (59:11)
  • What does he think of one stop shop models, like Amazon, that can translate into the fitness industry? (1:04:19)
  • What parallels does he see in building an NBA team vs. a gym one? (1:06:19)
  • How does he focus his energy and mind space? (1:10:17)
  • What does he attribute is leadership skills to? (1:13:56)
  • What were some of his biggest turning points in terms of misses? (1:16:36)
  • Does he have certain guys he calls when he has a problem? (1:18:32)
  • Are there any investment opportunities that have been presented to him that he had a fear of missing out of? (1:20:52)
  • Does he have a ‘checklist in life’ of how much he can support a business opportunity? (1:23:15)

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