2237: From Fat to Fit to Fortune With Mari Llewellyn

Dec 28, 2023
2237: From Fat to Fit to Fortune With Mari Llewellyn

In this episode Sal, Adam & Justin speak with Mari Llewellyn, co-founder of Bloom Supplements.

  • Mari’s origin story from being the problem to feeling good from the inside/out. (1:41)

  • From going viral to kick-starting a successful business. (7:41)

  • Her journey into weightlifting and healthy eating. (11:46)

  • Her experience going ‘cold turkey’ off all her medications. (16:50)

  • Reaching her full potential through exercise. (21:25)

  • Meeting her partner and becoming the perfect team. (24:27)

  • The idea behind the Pursuit of Wellness podcast. (29:05)

  • In her baby-making era. (36:39)

  • The process of scaling Bloom Nutrition Supplements. (38:56)

  • The problems with the health & wellness space for women. (41:56)

  • How Bloom made it into Target, its future exit strategy, and surviving COVID. (47:58)

  • The mistakes made along the way. (57:34)

  • The difference between feeling bloated and being well hydrated. (1:04:56)

  • The evolution of social media, marketing for her business, and the podcast. (1:08:20)

  • Her favorite, most memorable podcast guests. (1:14:39)

  • Life-changing things done on her health journey. (1:23:28)

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