2117: Fix Your Knee Pain

Jul 13, 2023
2117: Fix Your Knee Pain

In this episode Sal, Adam & Justin cover what you need to know to correct knee pain.

  • The guy’s worst knee injuries. (1:33)
  • The myth of overuse. (2:41)
  • Understanding the root cause of knee pain and how it operates. (3:48)
  • Defining acute pain vs chronic pain. (7:19)
  • How the ankle and hip relate to knee pain. (11:59)
  • Why everyone should squat. (16:46)
  • The guy’s success rates with clients with knee pain. (18:50)
  • Why the unlearning process is VERY important. (23:00)
  • The importance of getting stronger and expanding your mobility education. (24:51)
  • The BEST knee-protecting movements. (28:37)
  • The BEST mobility exercises for the ankles and hips. (33:46)

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