2060: Maximize Fat Loss With Continuous Glucose Monitors: Kara Collier

Apr 24, 2023
2060: Maximize Fat Loss With Continuous Glucose Monitors: Kara Collier

In this episode Sal, Adam & Justin speak with Kara Collier, co-founder of Nutrisense, about combining the use of continuous glucose monitors and expert coaching to maximize fat loss.

  • What is a CGM? (2:09)

  • Why is glucose the chosen thing to measure in real-time? (5:40)

  • How did we make the leap that this tool can help the masses? (11:14)

  • You do not know until you monitor. (13:22)

  • Blending psychology with data. (20:47)

  • The filter of how you feel affects how you perceive everything going on in your life. (29:55)

  • How you start the day makes an enormous difference in how the rest of the day tends to unfold. (33:03)

  • How CGMs can highlight the variation between people. (37:05)

  • Helping people see long-term success. (44:14)

  • How they recommend using the CGM. (46:35)

  • Is a women’s glucose affected by where she is during her menstrual cycle? (51:00)

  • Nothing is more powerful than sleep. (55:47)

  • The short and long-term effects of exercise on your glucose levels. (57:59)

  • Movement and its impact on your glucose levels. (1:05:20)

  • Are there any supplements that can help benefit your glucose levels? (1:07:27)

  • NutriSense’s ‘no diet’ philosophy. (1:09:32)

  • The most effective strategy to stick to a diet. (1:16:49)

  • Your meals and training should reflect how you feel. (1:21:15)

  • PSA for all coaches and trainers. (1:24:59)

  • What does the process look like for a new customer? The recommended amount of time to wear the device? (1:29:44)

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