1815: Improving Fat Loss, Muscle Gain and Fitness With Continuous Glucose Monitors

May 16, 2022
1815: Improving Fat Loss, Muscle Gain and Fitness With Continuous Glucose Monitors

In this episode Sal & Justin speak with Kara Collier and Dan Zavorotny of Nutrisense about how continuous glucose monitors work and how they function as a tool to improve health & fitness through personalized real-time data and individualized nutritional coaching.

  • What are continuous glucose monitors (CGM) and what are their values? (1:47)
  • Driving meaningful behavior changes through CGMs. (5:16)
  • How the numbers are a reflection of your current health. (6:41)
  • Why it’s more important to capture yellow flags and early warning signs than to wait until you have gotten to a disease state. (9:14)
  • When glucose rises, insulin usually follows. (11:36)
  • Why you don’t realize that mind-body connection until you have the data to back it up. (14:30)
  • Identifying how different we truly are. (18:01)
  • Insulin, the boy who cries wolf. (23:42)
  • The most important form of exercise to combat increased levels of glucose and insulin. (24:59)
  • Why are prescriptions required for CGMs? (27:34)
  • Why having the hardware, software, and a registered dietician has been the playmaker for NutriSense. (31:19)
  • How they use the data to coach their clients. (32:25)
  • The 4 variables you want to sink through when having a response to certain foods. (34:06)
  • The importance in implementing stress management tools and how the CGM can bring awareness. (37:23)
  • Are there supplements that mitigate higher glucose levels? (40:22)
  • Why she recommends eating 2-3 meals a day for the average person. (43:40)
  • The impact CGMs have on weight loss. (45:04)
  • How their device helps with the flexibility of tracking. (49:55)
  • Why with nutrition individual variance MATTERS! (54:13)
  • Have they seen customers/clients sticking around after the 2 weeks? (58:49)
  • Understanding how to eat through CGMs. (1:02:17)

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