2035: Why Diets Always Fail With Dr. Will Cole

Mar 20, 2023
2035: Why Diets Always Fail With Dr. Will Cole

In this episode Sal, Adam & Justin speak with Dr. Will Cole about diets and taking control of your health.

  • How sustainable wellness must be born out of self-respect. (2:12)

  • Bridging the gap between how people eat vs. how they feel. (6:32)

  • Creating your resilient center. (8:56)

  • The evolution of diet cultures. (11:56)

  • The politicization of diets. (15:30)

  • The mind-body connection. (20:17)

  • The role the microbiome plays in your gut health. (26:05)

  • Bio-individuality and immune responses to certain foods. (28:47)

  • Re-training the brain around ‘healthy’ food intolerances. (32:27)

  • The growing field of functional medicine. (36:41)

  • The value of having more tools in your toolbox with it comes to auto-immune diseases. (41:20)

  • Reading between the lines of incoming patients. (51:42)

  • Percentage of patients that he is their first line of defense or last-ditch option? (53:16)

  • The primary purpose of his latest book, ‘Gut Feelings’. (55:00)

  • What led him to help celebrities? (57:22)

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