1775: Combatting the Detrimental Effects of Blue Light With David Roger

Mar 21, 2022
1775: Combatting the Detrimental Effects of Blue Light With David Roger

In this episode Sal, Adam & Justin speak with David Roger, founder and CEO of Felix Gray, a company addressing the detrimental effect digital devices have on the eyes.

  • Felix Gray LISTENS to their customers. (2:19)
  • Combining function with fashion. The origin story of Felix Gray. (2:55)
  • How Mind Pump was skeptical of their product early on. (9:04)
  • Their mission to improve your relationship with technology. (10:48)
  • You get what you pay for. (12:22)
  • The process of blocking blue-light without changing the color of what you see. (14:30)
  • How Felix Gray filters blue-light and doesn’t block it. (17:12)
  • The evolution of the science behind blue-blocking glasses. (20:37)
  • Where do they see the biggest room for growth in their market? (23:37)
  • Better educate their customers through internal data. (27:16)
  • The importance of being authentic first. (29:53)
  • The four key buckets they look for white space to add value to their customers. (32:48)
  • What gives him confidence in himself? (35:54)
  • How finding their product-market fit early on put them on a path to success. (37:24)
  • His current vision for himself, the company, and his leadership model. (40:14)
  • Any unique personality traits from childhood that he uses in his current profession? (44:49)
  • Where does the name ‘Felix Gray’ come from? (48:51)
  • His favorite book and why. (49:51)
  • Why does he go off the grid 1 week a year? (50:58)
  • Why he is a BIG proponent of getting into a flow state. (55:28)
  • The value of listening to where people are coming from. (57:09)

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