1687: Eight Exercise Combos for Maximum Gains

Nov 15, 2021
1687: Eight Exercise Combos for Maximum Gains

In this episode, Sal, Adam & Justin cover the importance of mobility for injury prevention, improved productivity, and improved workouts.

  • How pain today is much more connected to not moving enough. (2:11)
  • What made Adam stop his boot camp business and focus more on making people feel good. (4:44)
  • The two biggest flaws with how people approach their pain in the workplace. (7:42)
  • Why your body is only ever as strong and mobile as it NEEDS to be. (10:32)
  • Mobility is a prerequisite. (13:19)
  • Mobility has to be ACTIVE. (15:30)
  • How to train the body to make good posture feel more natural. (17:39)
  • You MUST change your mentality surrounding mobility. (24:04)
  • Why feedback is so important when first starting your mobility training. (26:01)
  • Stretch with PURPOSE. (28:19)
  • Increase your productivity at work by taking mobility breaks. (30:31)
  • How improving your mobility unlocks the potential of so many more effective exercises. (33:22)
  • Be kind to yourself and trust the process. (40:18)
  • How do I add/incorporate mobility into my training routine? (44:10)

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