1420: Counting Calories Makes You Fat With Max Lugavere

Nov 09, 2020
1420: Counting Calories Makes You Fat With Max Lugavere

In this episode, Sal, Adam & Justin speak with good friend Max Lugavere about why counting calories may actually be making you fat.

  • Don’t put Max in a corner! (2:50)
  • Why the public health crisis will not be solved by math and spreadsheets. (6:00)
  • The importance of learning good habits and behaviors first. (10:34)
  • Why you don’t want to rely on your will power to reach your ultimate body composition. (12:20)
  • Are you metabolically obese? (18:14)
  • How much do micronutrients play into obesity? (21:00)
  • What’s the deal with sugar? (22:06)
  • What are the best satiety macronutrients? (22:37)
  • The theory why you eat more when you are sleep deprived. (25:00)
  • Why you must remove “I CAN’T” from your vocabulary. (26:55)
  • Eat more protein! (30:15)
  • The differences, nutrient wise, between grass-fed versus grain-fed meat/conventional versus pasture-raised eggs & MORE. (32:16)
  • The value of novelty. (37:26)
  • The benefits of the Mediterranean diet. (39:05)
  • What makes the oil unhealthy? (42:25)
  • The order of operations of getting back on a healthy eating track. (48:38)
  • Why low-carb trumps low fat. (54:13)
  • The skinny on time of day eating. (57:44)
  • Max’s go-to processed foods. (59:54)
  • Max’s staple meals. (1:01:55)
  • Support Max by buying his books! (1:04:11)

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