1365: Is the Way You Stand & Move Making You Sick? (Featuring Aaron Alexander)

Aug 24, 2020
1365: Is the Way You Stand & Move Making You Sick? (Featuring Aaron Alexander)

In this episode, Sal, Adam & Justin speak with Aaron Alexander, author of The Align Method, about the importance of posture, mobility, and movement on health and longevity.

  • The interesting dance with your ego. (3:53)
  • The detriments of leading with your imposter versus authentic self. (6:09)
  • The perception of safety. (10:12)
  • How humans are extremely complex. (12:55)
  • The stigma around cannabis. (15:08)
  • The practiced skill of thinking slowly. (16:52)
  • Disorganization can lead to parasites. (18:33)
  • The skill of reading body language. (21:11)
  • Always question the things you feel most passionate about. (23:05)
  • How your thoughts and moods affect your movements. (27:12)
  • How there is a lot of wisdom in spiritual practices. (30:42)
  • Do people store emotions in their bodies? (33:34)
  • How we are a product of our childhood. (40:30)
  • The fine line of not letting your insecurities consume you. (45:23)
  • How your perception of yourself impacts the way that you carry your movement. (48:57)
  • Best practices to be a happier person. (59:14)
  • The importance of disrupting your day to day life. (1:05:17)
  • Be more honest with your biology. (1:08:45)
  • Consistent movement matters. (1:14:47)
  • Leveraging leverage. (1:27:18)
  • Best practices to incorporate hip hinging into your daily life. (1:29:36)
  • The Western Medicine bottle. (1:32:43)
  • The power of proper nasal breathing. (1:35:15)
  • Are we heading towards being plugged in? (1:42:34)
  • Our perceived happiness over possessions rather than people. (1:45:20)
  • How LA is like an oven. (1:54:05)
  • Are you consumed by the game or a witness? (1:55:51)
  • Ancient wisdom and science have polarities. (2:01:22)
  • The unintended consequences of capturing rather than viewing. (2:06:26)

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