1165: Bishop Robert Barron on Physical Fitness, Satan, Evolution, Psychedelics & Much More

Nov 18, 2019
1165: Bishop Robert Barron on Physical Fitness, Satan, Evolution, Psychedelics & Much More

In this episode, Sal, Adam and Justin speak for the second time with Bishop Robert Barron.

  • Focusing on the wider culture and moving forward on all fronts. (2:46)
  • What was the conversation like with Jordan Peterson? (4:04)
  • Why everyone is hungry for God. (5:18)
  • What are the symptoms of poor spiritual health? (7:40)
  • The problems of creating an idol out of the ego. (9:57)
  • The surrender of control and asking God what does he want you to do today. (11:01)
  • Why has religion fallen out of favor? (13:00)
  • What is his take on stoicism? (15:06)
  • Understanding the concept of the Holy Trinity. (17:45)
  • How do you know what religion is RIGHT for you? (19:30)
  • The four criteria to detach from and how to balance them in your life. (24:17)
  • Why behind every addiction there is a soul quest for God. (26:06)
  • Does Satin play a role in our lives? (27:50)
  • What are his thoughts on psychedelics? (32:38)
  • Using journaling as a spiritual exercise. (35:50)
  • Has our time forgotten Jesus Christ as a human being? (39:21)
  • How religion stirs up people’s feelings and emotions. (41:15)
  • What is the hardest book of the Bible for people to comprehend? (43:20)
  • Can we believe in creation and evolution? (44:05)
  • Does he foresee any problems with editing our genes? (46:25)
  • What is the connection between Christianity and freedom? Or this there any? (49:30)
  • What’s the role of the church in protecting the freedoms of people around the world? (55:28)
  • Where can people start if they want to look more into religion? (59:31)
  • What are the greatest challenges facing us today? (1:00:27)
  • How life is all about choices. (1:04:10)
  • Does God want us to have lots of children? (1:05:15)
  • Is he a big movie guy? (1:05:56)
  • What types of music does a Bishop listen to? (1:08:45)
  • How everyone has a poison somewhere. (1:10:05)
  • Did Jesus ever laugh? (1:11:10)
  • What are the different arms of The Word on Fire? (1:13:19)
  • Is there a role of physical fitness in spirituality? (1:14:34)

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