1335: How to Clean Bulk

Jul 13, 2020
1335: How to Clean Bulk

In this episode, Sal, Adam & Justin discuss the proper way to clean bulk to speed up the metabolism and build muscle.

  • Bulking needs a rebranding for women. (3:11)
  • The value of building a faster metabolism. (9:12)
  • It’s bulking season! (13:02)
  • What is the goal of bulking? (15:14)
  • Mind Pump Realizations: Personal tales, the importance of the strength to weight ratio & MORE. (16:13)
  • Muscle gain is NOT a fast process. (24:42)
  • How to add calories the RIGHT way. (27:27)
  • Sending the effective muscle building signals to your body. (32:26)
  • The myth of eliminating cardio. (34:52)
  • Treat your sleep like you treat your workouts. (41:29)
  • When does the bulk stop? (48:55)
  • Avoid heavily processed foods. (52:38)

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