1152: Why You Should Powerlift

Oct 31, 2019
1152: Why You Should Powerlift

In this episode, Sal, Adam and Justin discuss the benefits of adding powerlifting training to improve strength, muscle gain and fat loss.

  • The importance of focusing on strength and performance vs being body image-centric. (2:32)
  • What is competitive powerlifting? (8:36)
  • The carry over the 3 Big Lifts have on your routine, body & MORE. (12:06)
  • The concept of maximal strength explained. (16:06)
  • The differences between powerlifting style training vs standard resistance training. (17:50)
  • The speaker/amplifier analogy with powerlifting principles. (20:55)
  • When you train like a powerlifter you feel HARD. (25:27)
  • How strength motivators are more relevant than the scale. (28:49)
  • Powerlifting principles are based on objective results. (30:01)
  • The metabolism-boosting/fat loss benefits of getting stronger. (31:27)
  • How we can ALL benefit from focusing on a powerlifting style of training. (33:12)
  • YOU vs the iron and getting away from being body obsessed. (39:02)
  • The new MAPS Powerlift program broken down. (43:00)

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