1125: Dr. Jolene Brighten- What You Need to Know About the Menstrual Cycle

Sep 23, 2019
1125: Dr. Jolene Brighten- What You Need to Know About the Menstrual Cycle

In this episode, Sal, Adam and Justin speak with Dr. Jolene Brighten about what constitutes a normal and healthy menstrual cycle. If you are a woman or know one, this is a must-listen episode.

  • How coffee can heal the brain. She shares the time she got knocked out! (4:35)
  • Does she get into it with any other doctors because of her extensive knowledge? (7:35)
  • How does the menstrual cycle work? The 4 phases explained in detail. (12:03)
  • What should you feel during that pre-menstrual period? (19:40)
  • Why women must strive to keep their environment safe: How stress/diet affects the 4 phases of your cycle. (25:11)
  • The significance of balancing your circadian rhythm for overall women’s health and fertility. (32:09)
  • Why food is information. (36:45)
  • The truth surrounding cholesterol and how it affects the menstrual cycle. (43:17)
  • Is acne a common symptom before your period?? (47:40)
  • How exercise can affect your hormones: The importance of tracking and mapping your cycle. (53:35)
  • The fears surrounding birth control. The importance of a team approach when it comes to medicine. (57:20)
  • Why there is no one size fits all approach when it comes to your body. (1:05:30)
  • If you don’t move your body, then you don’t move your intestines. Why you must move on a daily basis. (1:07:21)
  • What are the most important nutrients women should pay attention to? (1:11:57)
  • Her take on the rise of the veganism movement. (1:15:30)
  • Dr. Brighten, the farmer. (1:22:54)
  • Should choline be considered an essential nutrient? (1:28:22)

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