1045: Dr. Jolene Brighten- Beyond the Pill

Jun 03, 2019
1045: Dr. Jolene Brighten- Beyond the Pill

In this episode, Sal, Adam and Justin speak with Dr. Jolene Brighten, author of Beyond the Pill. Dr. Brighten is a leading expert in women’s medicine and covers a number of topics in a fun and engaging way that not only affect women but the men in their lives as well.

  • How many women are using birth control? (3:30)
  • What symptoms are women being prescribed birth control for? (4:20)
  • Have we been misled when it comes to the pill? (6:30)
  • The impact of mate selection and the pill. (8:45)
  • Is there a correlation to women on birth control and autoimmune disease? (16:15)
  • How does birth control affect a women’s ability to gain muscle and burn body fat? (20:41)
  • How there is a time and a place for birth control: What can women do to reduce side effects? (30:28)
  • Diets and their impact on your body. (33:20)
  • What happens when you have women who are on birth control and statins? (44:55)
  • How did she get into the field of women’s health? (51:45)
  • The differences between the shot and the pill. (1:00:37)
  • The ‘decoder ring’ of a woman’s hormonal cycle. (1:05:10)
  • Are there some birth control pills that are better than others? (1:09:27)
  • The 5 Fundamentals of the Brighten Protocol. (1:10:23)
  • The ‘411’ on endometriosis. (1:16:25)
  • How to work with the menstrual cycle to get gains. (1:20:49)
  • Negative self-talk and its impact on your health. (1:32:12)
  • The pros and cons of fertility awareness methods. (1:39:33)

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