1030: Dr. Roy Vongtama

May 13, 2019
1030: Dr. Roy Vongtama

The Guys interview Dr. Roy Vongtama.

  • His background in the space, how he got into it and what is he currently doing. (2:18)
  • Flourishing vs. languishing mindset and how your thoughts affect the body. (17:27)
  • How you have to be careful about how you ‘word’ things. (23:04)
  • The ‘weird’ power of the placebo effect. (27:20)
  • Do they have any research to show cancer survival rates with changes of attitude? (31:19)
  • Why don’t doctors talk about diet and nutrition? (34:02)
  • Taking ownership of your life in the presence of bad news. (40:43)
  • How the body is not who we are. (47:00)
  • Practices we can do TODAY to improve our mindset. (49:35)
  • What is an EASY way people can practice meditation? (59:29)
  • The concept of tensing and relaxing to DECREASE your mental anxiety. (1:04:30)
  • What is the BIG missing piece of Western Medicine? (1:09:36)
  • Is he starting to see more doctors open to this mindset? (1:12:29)

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