992: Sanjay Rawal

Mar 21, 2019
992: Sanjay Rawal

In this episode, Sal, Adam and Justin speak with Sanjay Rawal, a filmmaker with a fascinating story.

  • The history of the 3100 race. (4:40)
  • Why running has never gone out of favor. The evolution of marathon running. (8:25)
  • How do ancestral people run compared to modern westerners? (12:11)
  • What is the spiritual connection to running? (14:00)
  • Why do other spiritual teachers/practices try to separate the physical from the spiritual? (17:50)
  • What type of person does this kind of race attract? (20:57)
  • Why you should workout to love yourself, not because you hate your body. (22:43)  
  • How did he meet Sri Chinmoy and what was it like following his practices? (26:28)
  • The importance of finding joy through the exertion. (31:30)
  • Who made the biggest impact on him that he has met so far? (34:54)
  • How did he figure out his passion for film making? (37:52)
  • What is the purpose of abstaining from meat if we evolved to run down our food? (41:10)
  • How your diet is highly based on your genetics. (47:03)
  • The major similarities between the 3100 race and the 1000 day race in Japan. (50:12)
  • What are the commonalities that he finds with the people who do these feats of endurance? (53:08)
  • How does he feel about the growing anti-religious movement? (56:45)
  • Amazing stories from the Transcendent Race. (59:28)
  • The difficult factors of eating, drinking and sleeping during the course of the 3100. Why if you don’t have the mindset, no amount of nutrition will help. (1:01:22)
  • Does he still do races himself? (1:08:13)
  • What is his current relationship with his parents and have they come full circle with his current path? (1:11:40)
  • How everyone has their own path and the most important thing is finding it. (1:14:40)
  • How did he find Mind Pump, what drew him to them and what has kept him around? (1:16:45)

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