1017: Max Schmarzo- Strong by Science

Apr 25, 2019
1017: Max Schmarzo- Strong by Science

In this episode, Sal, Adam and Justin speak with Max Schmarzo of Strong by Science.

  • Mind Pump recommends The Jordan Harbinger Show with Mike Posner. (2:43)
  • Nothing will check your ego harder than hearing yourself talk for the first time. How everyone starts somewhere. (4:54)
  • The losing battle of the scarcity mindset. (7:11)
  • The two schools of thought when it comes to force production. (16:21)
  • The aesthetics of movement: The concept of motor unit synchronization. (22:05)
  • How it’s not the sport that matters, it’s the movement that matters. (26:16)
  • Does Lebron James really perform poor squats?? How general fitness is not the same as athletic fitness. (31:59)
  • The power of big data is in the granularity. (35:35)
  • How it’s about making things applicable. (43:30)
  • Why ideas are stupid, actions are awesome. (47:25)
  • The importance of data to cater to your athletes. (50:07)
  • The concept of percentage of drop off. (53:01)
  • What are some effective ways to maximize/improve your length-tension relationship? (1:06:25)
  • Breaking the myths behind isometric training. (1:17:57)
  • What protocol does he recommend for a given athlete to improve their glute development? (1:23:21)
  • The act of being ‘engaged’ when you perform an athletic movement. (1:27:07)
  • The role of the CNS to your performance and overall wellness. How your coach acts as your ‘check engine light’. (1:29:45)
  • The science behind why our body crumbles from too much excess high intensity training. (1:41:04)
  • Why there is no such thing as biohacking. (1:47:25)

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