955: John Brenkus- 6x Emmy-Award Winning Creator, Host, & Producer of Sport Science

Jan 28, 2019
955: John Brenkus- 6x Emmy-Award Winning Creator, Host, & Producer of Sport Science

In this episode, Sal, Adam and Justin speak with John Brenkus, an award winning producer, director, and television personality.

  • John talks about his ‘robotic’ knee surgery. (3:14)
  • How did he get tagged ‘The Sports Science Guy’? His background and the origin story of the show. (7:15)
  • Were there any preconceived notions he had on these athletes before they were on the show? (12:46)
  • Does he think NFL teams have started recruiting differently because of the show? (15:45)
  • Did he have an athlete on the show that stood out above the rest? (18:34)
  • What is the worst injury he has sustained on the show? (20:28)
  • Are the athletes pumped to get these HIGH numbers on the show? (24:22)
  • What if LeBron James played tight end in football?  + The greatest athlete of all time based on his metrics. (26:20)
  • What is it that separates these great athletes from everyone else? (32:23)
  • Can you improve your skills or are you born with them? The theory of ‘Morphic Resonance’. (35:32)
  • Should boys and girls be competing together? The humbling notion of getting ‘weeded out’. (38:27)
  • How does he feel about children’s sports today? The participation medal era. (51:28)
  • What does the conversation look like with his daughter on this very topic? (53:36)
  • How there is no shame getting ‘chicked’. (57:05)
  • What is his opinion on ‘CTE’ and what strategies should the NFL implement? (59:40)
  • How a gun is NOT the most dangerous thing in your house. (1:03:35)
  • What things does he have in the works? (1:05:20)
  • Does he feel the attributes in top athletes are the same we would find in the top business performers? (1:07:05)

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