1015: Mike McCastle- Four-Time World Record Holder & Acclaimed Performance Coach

Apr 22, 2019
1015: Mike McCastle- Four-Time World Record Holder & Acclaimed Performance Coach

In this episode, Sal, Adam and Justin speak with Mike McCastle, a four-time world record holder who performs amazing feats of strength and performance.  In 2015 he shattered the Guinness World Record for ‘Most Pull-ups in 24 hours’ by completing 5,804 pull-ups, all while wearing a 30 pound pack!

Mike is the founder of the Twelve Labors Project, a charitable initiative driven by a purposeful mission to push the limits of human potential in hopes of inspiring others to explore their own capacity for greatness.

  • What exactly does he do right now for business? (3:00)
  • How does he cue the general population to do an exercise? The importance of maximizing their value. (7:26)
  • Has tension training played an important role in the feats he has done? (11:01)
  • Why with most methods, he does them on himself first. (12:55)
  • You either use it or lose it: The benefits of end-range training. (15:57)
  • The early mistakes he made as a trainer. Why soreness doesn’t equal progress. (17:52)
  • His ‘Train often, test seldom’ mentality.  (19:18)
  • The extraordinary feats of strength and performance he has performed, finding meaning in your suffering & MORE. (21:03)
  • Where did he develop his ‘unbreakable’ mentality? (32:31)
  • How part of being strong is being authentic with yourself and knowing your abilities. (35:22)
  • The defining moment in his life where he made a conscious decision to quit. (37:10)
  • The ‘Twelve Labors Project’: How sometimes the most unreasonable decision matters the most. (39:45)
  • How pain is a tool, not the focus. (47:33)
  • The ‘labors’ he has completed explained. (50:04)
  • What does the internal conversation look like when he experiences a ‘bump in the road’? (1:00:30)
  • Why true excellence is not attainable, it’s about the pursuit. (1:04:56)

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