967: Dr. Gabrielle Lyon

Feb 14, 2019
967: Dr. Gabrielle Lyon

In this episode, Sal, Adam & Justin speak with Dr. Gabrielle Lyon.

967: Dr. Gabrielle Lyon

  • What is her background in the space of health/wellness? (4:52)
  • What got her interested in what she does now? (6:00)
  • Her journey competing and how it impacted her health/mindset. Did she have the best approach going into it? (7:50)
  • What happens to women’s hormones when they maintain such a low body fat percentage for so long? (12:19)
  • What did the process look like for her while she was competing? (13:02)
  • Why, maybe, you SHOULDN’T be fasting. (14:38)
  • What does the post-workout window look like for men and women? (17:28)
  • How she works with anyone ready to ‘level-up’ in their lives. (19:14)
  • What different challenges does she face working/coaching high performers (i.e. Navy Seals, Green Berets) in comparison to the average person? The 4 characteristics of high performers. (21:44)
  • Where does she see actual measurements that a person’s mental state is where it should be? (29:40)
  • What happens to women’s hormones when they go through menopause? Her checklist and standard of care protocols. (32:55)
  • Does she find that the average female under consumes protein? Does she recommend the vegan diet to a post-menopausal woman? (37:35)
  • Why does she believe the medical community doesn’t place resistance training as a priority? (40:00)
  • What does the process look like for women coming off birth control? (42:50)
  • A review of Adam’s testosterone case. (46:20)
  • Should you modify your training/nutrition based on your menstrual cycle? (50:00)
  • What is estrogen/progesterone dominance? Symptoms? (50:43)
  • Are there common supplements she recommends? (53:35)
  • How common is vitamin d deficiency? (54:20)
  • What conditions does she use functional vs. western medicine? (56:00)
  • Does she use red light therapy? Would she prescribe it to her patients? (1:02:47)
  • How has her pregnancy been so far? Challenges she has faced? (1:04:15)
  • Is she looking into alternative forms of birthing? (1:12:25)
  • What does she see when she looks at the landscape of social media and things that are perpetuated on the western medicine side vs. the functional side, what bothers her the most? (1:15:47)

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