987: The Ketogenic Diet is Making You Fat

Mar 14, 2019
987: The Ketogenic Diet is Making You Fat

Now that the ketogenic diet has gone mainstream, an entire industry of supplements, processed foods and gurus has sprung up around it. It has even made sardines popular again!

But is the keto diet the best diet for you or are there pitfalls you need to watch out for? In this episode, Sal, Adam and Justin discuss the keto diet, their experience with it, why it may not be for everyone and why it may, in fact, be making a lot of people fat.

  • What is Mind Pump’s “go-to” work out music? (2:08)
  • Why do we crave sweets when we’re stressed? Study. (11:47)
  • Why is Keto making everyone fat?! The backlash of the 2018 fad diet of the year. (14:40)
    • Why the Keto diet is one of the oldest in existence. (16:48) 
    • The reasons the Keto diet became so popular and why it is NOT for everyone. (26:54)
    • Why the Ketogenic diet is making you FAT + the science of the ‘binge effect’. (36:20)
    • Why context and awareness trump everything. (46:50)

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