962: Jawzrsize Inventor & CEO Brandon Harris

Feb 07, 2019
962: Jawzrsize Inventor & CEO Brandon Harris

In this episode, Sal, Adam and Justin talk with the inventor of Jawzrsize, Brandon Harris.

  • Brandon shares his background in the fitness space and how this product came about. (8:21)
  • How many of these has he sold? (12:38)
  • Why he calls himself ‘the jack of all trades’. (14:10)
  • At what point did he know he had a homerun? (14:35)
  • Did he hit it out the park with the first product that he made? (19:05)
  • How long did it take before it went viral? (20:38)
  • Has he gotten any heat from people in the fitness industry? (21:36)
  • At what point has he had to add anyone to his team? What has the scaling process looked like? (22:21)
  • How much has he been able to reduce the cost of manufacturing? (24:50)
  • What has been the best platform for marketing? (26:38)
  • What is the craziest thing he has bought with his money? (30:00)
  • Has he gotten any push back from dentists or other people that claim this might actually perpetuate TMJ or acid reflex? (31:16)
  • Has he seen anyone in public use his product? (34:20)
  • Has there been consistent growth every month or has he hit any peaks/valleys? (35:01)
  • What is in store for Q1? (36:38)
  • What has he learned transitioning from a brick and mortar space to an online business? (37:52)
  • If he could go back in time, would he change anything? (40:11)
  • Does he spend a lot of money on Facebook ads? (44:07)
  • How much has his life changed? (44:33)
  • Have there been talks to bring in any big names to promote the business? (46:24)
  • Does he care if this product gets lumped into the other ‘Made for TV’ fitness products (i.e. Shake Weight, Thighmaster)? (47:12)

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