930: Jennifer Cohen Knows How to Get What She Wants

Dec 24, 2018
930: Jennifer Cohen Knows How to Get What She Wants

In this episode, Sal, Adam & Justin speak with Jennifer Cohen, a bestselling author and first rate go getter. An excellent storyteller, Jennifer tells how she got Keanu Reeves to come to her house (really!), work for an NBA team, train celebrities and essentially accomplish everything she has set her mind to. Follow her lead and watch good things happen!

  • Jen the Firecracker! (3:19)
  • How did she get into the fitness space? Her origin story into how fitness became a lifestyle. (4:34)
  • What did she do to attract these prestigious companies wanting her services? (8:00)
  • The evolution of her tenacity. How she got Keanu Reeves on her audition tape. (10:07)
  • How you can mold certain traits into opportunities. Her stint in the music industry. (22:58)
  • Her transition into the corporate fitness space. (30:13)
  • What is her favorite and least favorite celebrity she has trained? (34:18)
  • The more money you have, the less you pay for things. (39:10)
  • From getting burnt out being a Celebrity Trainer to pivoting into a Media Trainer. (44:45)
  • The important lesson of sharing the RIGHT information and thinking long term rather than short term success. (53:54)
  • How small wins equals big change. Was her first book, ‘No Gym Required’, a success? (1:06:19)
  • The message behind ‘Strong is the New Skinny’. (1:08:43)
  • The myth behind having a perfect body and looking at fitness as a way of loving yourself. (1:11:15)
  • How does she manage her kids to eat healthy? (1:20:08)
  • What will her upcoming podcast will be called and be about? (1:25:30)
  • Has she run into Keanu Reeves since? (1:33:25)

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