910: Paul Chek

Nov 26, 2018
910: Paul Chek

Ep: 910 Paul Chek 

  • Does he feel he has to censor himself more today than 15 years ago? (5:13)
  • Why are women so sensitive to caffeine? (11:00)
  • The importance of breastfeeding. (13:06)
  • The difference between a woman with PMS and an alligator. How context matters. (15:22)
  • The methods he used to wean off caffeine. (17:58)
  • The science and phenomenon behind putting oils and fats in coffee. (22:00)
  • How adaptogens spare cortisol. (28:26)
  • The detrimental consequences of EMFs, low-level stress throughout the day & MORE. (35:13)
  • What are the first things he looks at when someone comes to him? (49:33)
  • How does he start the healing process with someone who is in a wheelchair or paralyzed? (53:26)
  • The fascinating story of Danny Way and how Paul rehabbed him. (1:01:33)
  • How has the reception been since getting into the podcast world? (1:05:28)
  • Has he identified what attracts more students to his courses? (1:10:06)
  • The quest to understand the meaning of life. (1:11:03)
  • What is his take on the Bible? (1:21:01)
  • Scientific materialism/atheism and the danger of people who believe in the opposite direction. (1:30:35)
  • The idea of morals vs. ethics. Level of resources, doing good for humanity, level of hierarchy & MORE. (1:40:30)
  • Special Thrive Market Cyber Monday Commercial. (1:51:00-1:52:00)
  • How God is the greatest actor and we are just playing in his game. (2:05:43)
  • How you are what you eat. (2:13:55)
  • What made him decide to start podcasting? (2:15:28)
  • The root meaning of the word “weird.” (2:24:10)

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