907: Cory Schlesinger

Nov 22, 2018
907: Cory Schlesinger

Episode 907: Cory Schlesinger 

  • Cory shares the painful experience of tearing his Achilles. (4:24)
  • What lead him to become the Sports Performance Coach of Stanford Basketball? (6:06)
  • How to be a GREAT strength coach, you have to COMPETE in something. (10:51)
  • What does he mean when he says kids are coming in as “broken toys”? (13:28)
  • Finding his value and being an identifier when it comes to his athletes. (18:13)
  • What are some of the most common imbalances he sees with his athletes? (21:09)
  • How does he revert the major lifts and balance risk/reward with his athletes? Replace the compound lifts with his athletes? (23:30)
  • Using wearable tools to monitor and track an athletes practice load. How does he use the data as a coach? (30:51)
  • The importance of strength training during the season. (43:00)
  • Safety nets for safety nets. How does he monitor the output by his athletes based on the data he receives? (46:25)
  • Understanding the dynamics of his athletes in the outside world. (49:24)
  • Does he have a favorite kind of athlete? Least favorite? (51:45)
  • Does he watch a lot of basketball or is he in it too much? (56:58)
  • What are some of the biggest mistakes he sees strength coaches make on all levels? (1:00:54)
  • His take on early specialization in one sport. (1:02:40)
  • What are some of his favorite education tools/certifications for coaches to research? (1:08:13)
  • The major backlash ahead dealing with activity levels and social media with our youth. (1:13:45)
  • What does the future evolution of professional sports look like? (1:20:43)
  • How does he feel about the early start to the current season? (1:31:07)
  • His take on the Freshman 4 over at Duke? (1:31:57)
  • Does he have any favorite NBA teams/players that he follows? (1:33:25)
  • Is he a talent acquisition or leadership guy? (1:36:44)
  • His take on college athletes getting paid? (1:39:10)

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