905: Hunter McIntyre

Nov 19, 2018
905: Hunter McIntyre

In this episode, Sal, Adam & Justin talk with the colorful super-athlete, Hunter McIntyre about his wild life of addiction, modeling, winning grueling competitions and more.

  • Coming out of the gates HOT!! Being the life of the party, his trip to rehab and the drugs he used to partake in. (2:26)
  • How did exercise become his drug of choice? (5:35)
  • Something to pass the time…How he got into wrestling and where does his strength come from? (7:25)
  • Is drug use common in the logging industry? (9:00)
  • How he got into obstacle course racing and what was his major breakout? (10:34)
  • If you want to beat people you don’t necessarily have to outwork them, you have to outsmart them. (13:42)
  • How he became enamored by the sport of CrossFit. (16:50)
  • How has the change of focus to Olympic lifting been going? (20:17)
  • Has he measured himself around other top CrossFit athletes? (21:55)
  • How passion is the most important thing in the universe. The art of trash talk and psychological warfare. (22:57)
  • What are the strengths he will bring to the CrossFit Games? (27:54)
  • How does he construct his programming? (29:49)
  • Has he suffered any injuries throughout his career? (32:22)
  • What are practices he has to maintain his health/wellness? (35:08)
  • Why does he feel he lacks empathy for others? He opens up about his relationship with his family and his childhood growing up. (36:45)
  • How it is intelligent to understand what is coming tomorrow, but it is more important to have the focus and the drive to own today. What aspirations does he have besides the CrossFit Games? (39:44)
  • Living in a fishbowl in his brain. The crazy amount of drugs he was on as a kid, the misuse of them & what age did he start/stop. (43:27)
  • If he had to get a job now, would he work for himself or someone else? (50:25)
  • How he didn’t need anything but food and weights. How he got to the level where he is today. (51:56)
  • Does he ever feel like he is living in a video game? The crazy paths life has taken him and his stint as a model. (56:58)
  • Does he take a scientific approach to his nutrition? (1:04:41)
  • If you play the game, you can make a killing. The money he has made doing various reality shows. (1:10:05)
  • How Joe De Sena is Carmen Sandiego and defines #busy. (1:14:12)
  • Does he have any sleep/meditation practices? (1:16:09)
  • What is he reading right now? (1:18:27)
  • Has he rubbed anyone the wrong way or have any nemesis? (1:20:06)
  • How he aims to stay relevant and have fun with it. (1:23:42)
  • What is his proudest moment? Least proud of?(1:24:40)
  • How he was court-ordered to rehab. (1:30:52)
  • Did he ever have a moment for he felt compelled to write out his feelings to his parents?  Do they keep in touch and support him now? (1:32:49)
  • Does he have a time frame in mind for his goal of getting to the CrossFit Games? (1:35:20)

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