900: NBA Superstar Sports Performance Coach Paul Fabritz

Nov 12, 2018
900: NBA Superstar Sports Performance Coach Paul Fabritz

In this episode Sal, Adam & Justin speak with Paul Fabritz, founder of PJF Performance and performance coach of NBA superstars like James Harden. Paul has a fascinating story. A struggling college student, he was able to take his passion for basketball and through hard work and delivering exceptional results, he was able to create a wildly successful business training NBA elite, traveling the world, flying on private jets and even training Khloe Kardashian.

  • His journey into sports performance and what led him to specialize in basketball? (2:50)
  • Who was the first NBA player that reached out to him? (7:00)
  • How to progress programming at the right rate. The difference in approach from the Soviet Union to US when it comes to exercise science. (7:30)
  • Did he use advanced equipment in his transformation? With his athletes? (9:50)
  • What techniques did he use to address performance/mechanics with his athletes? (11:35)
  • Getting you to reach your genetic potential. (14:20)
  • Determining an athlete’s level of conscious and risk vs. reward. (15:50)
  • What is the worst advice/myths he has heard? (19:20)
  • The difference between plyometrics being done the RIGHT WAY vs. the wrong way. (22:50)
  • Creating mental toughness and meeting his athletes in the middle. (25:59)
  • How did he grow so fast and become highly successful? (27:40)
  • Would he work for an NBA team? (29:38)
  • Does he have a favorite athlete he works with? (32:40)
  • All in and getting the results. How he decides who he works with. (34:29)
  • The youth is year-round. How does he reach the student athlete market? (35:49)
  • What is the value in academia vs. learning on your own? (37:18)
  • What modalities has he implemented into his own practice? (39:11)
  • Fat don’t fly. How nutrition plays a HUGE role in sports performance. (43:15)
  • Teaching people to live a better and healthy life. (44:25)
  • How does he filter through all the products/technology being thrown his way? What excites him? (46:47)
  • Picking your battles, letting his athletes be intuitive and knowing your own body. (49:45)
  • What is the biggest challenge working with professional athletes? How he sets the table and lays down the foundation when he first meets with an athlete. (51:27)
  • The pivotal moments where his business took off. (54:45)
  • How to leverage yourself and blow up your brand. His new webinar series to teach potential trainers. (59:07)
  • What was that like when he got the call from Dick’s Sporting Goods and Adidas? The details of his sponsorships. (1:00:25)
  • What are some of the biggest mistakes he made while scaling his business? (1:03:34)
  • What is his opinion of the current state of the NBA? Best rookies coming up? Best passers? Most underrated team right now? (1:05:07)
  • What are some things that he did on his Instagram that caused posts to go the most viral? (1:10:09)
  • How to be a squid to become more self-aware. (1:12:22)
  • What are the biggest mistakes he sees athletes make? (1:14:13)
  • Steps to be a better trainer. (1:17:15)
  • What are some epic moments in his career? (1:22:22)
  • What does he appreciate/admire the most about watching NBA players? (1:26:57)
  • The top 3 things the average person can do to improve their vertical TODAY. (1:29:13)
  • How can the average lifter gain speed? Explosive training and max intent. (1:33:07)
  • What advice would he give kids/teenagers to gain speed? (1:36:15)
  • What are his dreams and goals moving forward? (1:37:39)
  • Where does his work ethic come from? (1:39:30)

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