895: Do Transgender Athletes have an Unfair Advantage?

Nov 05, 2018
895: Do Transgender Athletes have an Unfair Advantage?

In this episode Sal, Adam & Justin talk with transgender athletes Chloie Jonsson & Bennett Kaspar regarding whether transgender athletes have an unfair advantage in sports. 

  • Chloie shares her story/the process of transitioning at the age of 15. (7:58)
  • Is there a competitive advantage for an athlete that transitions? (11:15)
  • Bennett openly shares misconceptions on being a trans person. (16:43)
  • How male privilege is a real thing. (18:55)
  • Have they noticed changes in their body/mind since transitioning? (23:34)
  • What is considered legal when it comes to hormone levels? (26:25)
  • The debate continues over if there is a competitive advantage for an athlete that transitions and the democratization of sports. (28:10)
    • Does Title 9 have any implications in this debate? (40:00)
  • Chloie emotionally shares her experience coming out to her teammates and the response from the CrossFit community. (46:00)
  • Does she embrace being the voice for transgender athletes? (49:00)
  • She talks about the lawsuit against CrossFit and the response from Greg Glassman. (50:00)
  • Preaching acceptance no matter what you believe. (55:00)
  • Does Bennett still have a relationship with his father since coming out as trans? (56:44)
  • How Bennett’s mom rolls with the punches and he openly discusses his current relationship. (59:00)
  • Difference between pans sexual and bi sexual? (1:00:30)
  • Sports for Nerds: How the tides have changed when it comes to how politicians view gay marriage. (1:02:15)
  • Do they feel like we are moving backwards? The white male privilege debate and respecting people as individuals. (1:06:00)
  • Violence against the Transgender Community. (1:16:45)
  • Are there debates among the LGBTQ Community? (1:18:34)
  • Social intelligence and being Team Human. (1:22:08)
  • Bennett shares how his thoughts changed since transitioning. (1:26:30)
  • Has going through this made him more empathetic towards men? (1:28:35)
  • When does the conversation come up about transitioning when dating? (1:33:15)
  • Did they have any apprehensions coming on the podcast? (1:37:35)
  • What other misconceptions do people have about the transgender community? (1:41:01)
  • How the medical field has treated the trans community like test patients. (1:46:20)
  • How much, out of pocket, have they paid for their hormone replacement drugs/surgery? (1:50:00)

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