892: Rich Gaspari

Nov 01, 2018
892: Rich Gaspari

In this episode Sal, Adam & Justin interview Rich Gaspari, bodybuilding legend and founder of Gaspari Nutrition, an innovator in the supplement industry. Rich built Gaspari Nutrition to a $100 million company, lost it and is now back at the helm. Hear this and other fascinating stories in this podcast.

  •  The evolution of fitness conventions. (5:34)
  • Bringing conditioning to another level…Rich details his pursuit into bodybuilding. (6:55)
  • Did he believe to get to the next level you had to take supplements? (13:23)
  • What was the response from his level of conditioning? (18:17)
  • Why did he decide to make a comeback after an injury? (19:51)
  • From bodybuilding legend to founder of Gaspari Nutrition, how he became an innovator in the supplement industry. (24:28)
  • At what point did he realize he was doing something great? (27:34)
  • From the basement to $100 million dollar company. The grind in the beginning of Gaspari Nutrition. (32:08)
  • How did he pick the growth hormones he sold in the beginning? (37:00)
  • It’s all about the mouth feel…how he changed the game in the protein market. (43:39)
  • What was the scaling process like as his company grew? (46:20)
  • How did the change in marketing affecting his business? (47:30)
  • From building Gaspari Nutrition to a $100 million dollar company, to filing for bankruptcy: How he gained the reins back to the company he built. (50:46)
  • What does he think of the market now since getting control back? (56:47)
  • His take on facade supplement companies. (1:00:45)
  • Do any other brands impress him? (1:04:00)
  • What emerging trends excite him? (1:06:35)
  • How the most important sale is the 2nd sale. (1:12:10)
  • What are his thoughts on Amazon entering the supplement market? (1:15:15)
  • Does he feel like an uncaged lion since getting control of his company back? (1:19:24)
  • What was the most memorable moment in his bodybuilding career? Business career? (1:23:15)
  • What are his top physiques in bodybuilding? (1:26:55)
  • Does he believe the drug culture is affecting the current crop of bodybuilders? (1:28:19)

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