887: The Fastest Growing Sport in the World with NRG Esport Co-Founder Andy Miller

Oct 25, 2018
887: The Fastest Growing Sport in the World with NRG Esport Co-Founder Andy Miller

In this episode, Sal, Adam & Justin speak with Andy Miller, co-founder of NRG Esports. Esports is now the fasting growing sport in the world and in this episode they go into detail about the Esport world, how it is beginning to overtake other professional sports, the digital athletes that play and how they train. Andy has a fascinating entrepreneurial background and shares his story in this episode.

  • Andy’s origin story and the ah-ha moment that introduced him to the world of Esports. (6:14)
  • When did Esports take-off? (13:00)
  • How do you become a professional gamer? (17:28)
  • How being a part of an Esports team is the same as being on a professional sports team. The path to becoming a pro gamer. (19:22)
  • The secret sauce to the success of gaming: Live Events. (26:40)
  • The evolution of sports and how does Esports play a part. (29:50)
  • Are there different styles of play depending on culture/race? (32:42)
  • A young man’s sport: The importance of correctional exercise and movement to stay optimized. (36:20)
  • Does he see a backlash from these kids making so much money so fast? (39:50)
  • Is there a starting 5 in gaming? (42:30)
  • How often are players tweaking their style of play? (44:38)
  • Are there rivalries in gaming? (45:45)
  • What do the analytics show when it comes to gender in gaming? (47:28)
  • Are there markets/brands that are popping up from the growth of Esports? (49:45)
  • Who are the superstars in Esports? (53:03)
  • As an investor, what are the biggest challenges he sees with gaming in terms of growth? Opportunities? (55:00)
  • How to optimize these players bodies to play at their highest level. (59:00)
  • How big will this thing get? (1:04:00)
  • Will virtual reality play a part in gaming? (1:06:20)
  • What was his experience like working under Steve Jobs? (1:08:55)
  • The moment he decided to sell his company to Apple and his selling pitch to Steve Jobs. (1:11:50)
  • Does he have his hands in multiple businesses? (1:19:02)
  • Mind Pump: The exclusive fitness programmers for Esports? (1:22:47)

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