875: Dr. Stephen Cabral

Oct 08, 2018
875: Dr. Stephen Cabral

In this episode Sal, Adam & Justin speak with Dr. Stephen Cabral, author of The Rain Barrel Effect and host of The Cabral Concept podcast.

  • Who has been his favorite guest to interview? Challenged him? (6:11)
  • Why artificial sweeteners are some of the most toxic things you can put in your body. (8:25)
  • The #1 reason for having low testosterone. (14:34)
  • The major issues with CrossFit adopting the Paleo/Keto Diet. (16:31)
  • Is it a bad idea to make things so palatable? (19:25)
  • How a “nuclear bomb” was created in his immune system by trying to cure himself using Western Medicine practices. (23:30)
  • What is Ayurvedic Medicine, the approach and how it different from other forms of medicine? (27:50)
  • How he aims to communicate his knowledge to others. (30:06)
  • Why the modern lifestyle is keeping us in chronic stress. (34:05)
  • The circular loop that is keeping us from getting to our goal weight. (37:08)
  • The scenarios of IF you SHOULD EAT or NOT EAT post workout. (38:51)
  • How can we get into the parasympathetic nervous system? (41:30)
  • The Western mentality of taking everything and making it intense. (43:30)
  • Does he see benefits of using tools to calm the parasympathetic nervous system? (45:30)
  • His theory on EMF’s (electromagnetic fields) and their impact on the human body. (46:56)
  • The differences between a naturopathic vs. medical doctor. (50:11)
  • Is TOO much saturated fat good or bad?? (53:50)
  • The FACTS and SCIENCE behind fasting. (57:05)
  • Why cold showers/plunges may not be beneficial to everyone. (1:07:57)
  • Are people changing their behaviors to seek out those cortisol spikes? (1:09:09)
  • WHY you have psoriasis and HOW to treat it. (1:13:16)
  • The “Big 5” lab tests you SHOULD  ask for when visiting your doctor. (1:16:14)
  • The Mounting Evidence against Eating Meat: Is higher protein the right move? (1:22:28)
  • Why he believes EVERYONE has a set point. (1:25:37)
  • His approach to why we have food allergies/sensitivities. (1:28:00)
  • The importance of a vaginal birth and breastfeeding to a healthy gut. (1:33:08)
  • The stigma behind CBD and how he uses it in his practice. (1:40:50)
  • The future of Western Medicine and is it trending in the right direction. (1:49:05)
  • How would he treat a woman who is estrogen dominant? (1:53:53)
  • What does he do NOW to combat potential future disease? (1:59:17)
  • His take on creatine as the end all be all supplement. (2:03:40)
  • Ways to prevent prostate cancer. (2:05:20)
  • The foundational supplements you SHOULD be consuming. (2:07:53)
  • The RIGHT way to eliminate heavy metals from your body. (2:11:21)

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