687: CaliFlour Foods- Transforming Pizza into a Healthy Food

Jan 18, 2018
687: CaliFlour Foods- Transforming Pizza into a Healthy Food

In this episode of Mind Pump, Sal, Adam & Justin speak with CaliFlour Foods (www.califlourfoods.com) founder & CEO Amy Lacey and Rachel O’Rourke PR & Events. CaliFlour foods have figured out how to transform a whole head of cauliflower into a single 9″ pizza crust using only four natural ingredients. If you are a pizza fan you will definitely want to order some of these crusts. Also, these women have built a multi-million dollar company just in a couple years so if you are a business owner or have aspirations of being a business owner it is a must listen.

  • Find out how a health scare transformed Amy’s life and was the origin of CaliFlour Foods. (4:19)
  • CaliFlour Foods the Mind Pump of pizzas! Find out how the power of social media catapulted the company. (10:25)
  • #TheNewWhiteFlour – Find out the benefits of cauliflower. (17:00)
  • The Thrive Market model. Find out how the future of business is e-commerce. (23:05)
  • Do they notice age ranges on their different social media platforms? (24:10)
  • What are they most excited about for their future? (28:00)
  • Find out staying true to who they are is why they continue to grow. (30:14)
  • How did Amy and Rachel meet? Find out even further parallels to Mind Pump. (32:30)

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