573: Using Light Therapy to Increase Testosterone, Fade Scars & Stretch Marks, Improve Skin Tone & Texture & Improve Athletic Performance with Joovv Co-Founders Scott Nelson & Justin Strahan

Aug 14, 2017
573: Using Light Therapy to Increase Testosterone, Fade Scars & Stretch Marks, Improve Skin Tone & Texture & Improve Athletic Performance with Joovv Co-Founders  Scott Nelson & Justin Strahan

In this episode, Sal, Adam & Justin speak with Joovv co-founders Scott Nelson & Justin Strahan. Joovv specializes in red light/infrared technology that seems to have a multitude of health benefits. Studies have shown that light therapy can increase testosterone levels, fade scars & stretch marks, improve skin tone & texture, aid in weight loss, reduce joint pain & inflammation and improve athletic performance. Everyone at Mind Pump is putting it to the test with one of their full body units and the results will be discussed in an upcoming episode. Want to join us in this test? Joovv makes it easy with a 60-day money back guarantee. Go to www.joovv.com/mindpump for $25 off your purchase.

  • How did they start their company? (5:30)
    • Justin’s wife got him into red light therapy
    • Wavelength, the intensity of light
  • They talk about what red light was used for? (9:20)
    • Health conditions
  • In the studies you do see, do you see an individual variance between the people that use it? (12:00)
  • What is red light? (13:25)
    • Enhances cellular function
  • How much red light do we get from sunlight? (16:22)
    • Near-infrared
  • Any damaging effects from near infrared therapy? (17:35)
    • No tanning effect
  • How are people using it now? (18:25)
    • Aid with recovery
    • Increase testosterone
    • Skin Issues
    • Different protocols?
    • Hacks you have played with?
  • Their opinion of infrared saunas? (24:10)
  • How deep does this light penetrate? (28:20)
  • What are the exciting studies they have seen? (32:25)
  • What does a typical treatment look like? (36:40)
  • How long have the guy’s been in business? (37:15)
    • Started in the beauty realm
    • Bio-hackers took it to a new level
    • Professional athletes
    • 60 day no hassle return policy
  • What can people expect in the short/long term with the benefits from red light therapy? (40:18)
  • What different devices do they have? / How do they use them in their own lives? (41:31)
  • What are the bio-hackers using this therapy for? (50:35)

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