482: Robb Wolf on Ancestral Health, Evolutionary Biology & MORE

Mar 30, 2017
482: Robb Wolf on Ancestral Health, Evolutionary Biology & MORE

In this episode Sal, Adam & Justin travel to Robb Wolf and discuss a variety of topics… autoimmune disease, protein/water fasting, Ancestral Health, epigenetics, evolutionary biology, Artificial Sweeteners, eating disorders, keto and more. Get our newest program, Kettlebells 4 Aesthetics (KB4A), which provides full expert workout programming to sculpt and shape your body using kettlebells. Only $7 at www.mindpumpmedia.com! Get MAPS Prime, MAPS Anywhere, MAPS Anabolic, MAPS Performance, MAPS Aesthetic, the Butt Builder Blueprint, the Sexy Athlete Mod AND KB4A (The MAPS Super Bundle) packaged together at a substantial DISCOUNT at www.mindpumpmedia.com. Make EVERY workout better with MAPS Prime, the only pre-workout you need… it is now available at mindpumpmedia.com Have Sal, Adam & Justin personally train you via video instruction on our YouTube channel, Mind Pump TV. Be sure to Subscribe for updates. Get your Kimera Koffee, Mind Pump’s first official sponsor, at www.kimerakoffee.com, code “mindpump” for 10% off! Add to the incredible brain enhancing effect of Kimera Koffee with www.brain.fm/mindpump 10 Free sessions! Music for the brain for incredible focus, sleep and naps! Please subscribe, rate and review this show! Each week our favorite reviewers are announced on the show and sent Mind Pump T-shirts!

  • Robb talks about his background (Paleo) /Autoimmune explosion (5:59)
  • Why does Robb feel the Paleo diet seems to work with autoimmune disorders? (14:05)
  •  Robb talks about gluten and the communities behind it (21:03)
  •  What is protein fasting and why is it a good idea? (44:33)
  •  Do we need to hyper hydrate? (50:38)
  •   How does Robb get someone going in the right direction (health wise)? (54:24)
  •   Obesity/diabetes epidemic – Addiction to food discussion (58:40)
  •   High endurance athletes and their inability to tone it down / Beat themselves up 
  •  What are Robb’s thoughts on artificial sweeteners? (1:22:45)
  •  Robb talks about how he lives his life / What we can do to make small changes in our lives (1:30:14)
  •  Why is Robb so motivated in the field of Paleo? (1:36:33)
  •  Mind Pump goes to PaleoF(x) – Robb gives them his rundown of the event and what to expect (1:37:05)
  • Mind Pump asks, what has Robb done? / Final thoughts (1:41:05)

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